A still of the title screen for Alerte: Science Contre Cancer a ete lu par Claude Dauphin.

Alerte: Science Contre Cancer

Frank Armitage

Anatomical Animation by Frank Armitage

An older man in profile with a headband.

Another to Conquer

Beware the Wind

A still from a black and white animated film shows a group of cells dividing.


A still of a black and white film shows a woman in a white coat working in a lab.

Challenge: Science Against Cancer

Cleaning Mess Gear

Cleaning Mess Gear

Cloud in the Sky

Cloud in the Sky

Combat Fatigue Irritability

Combat Fatigue Irritability

Countdown to Collision

Illustration of two men standing in a patch of grass, one of whom is taking notes.

Criminal at Large

A man wearing a formal military uniform.

DDT: Weapon Against Disease

Black and white film still showing two men sitting in chairs, facing each other, with a small table between them. The man on the left is wearing a button down shirt and slacks, and the man on the right is wearing a suit and tie.

Depressive Neurosis…

Die englische Krankheit [The English Disease]

Die englische Krankheit [The English Disease]

Don’t Leave It All to the Experts

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Title Screen reads Department of Psychiatry over an image of a sign for the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Drug Dependency, Barbiturates: Excerpts from Two Interviews…

Easy to Get

Easy to Get

Title screen: Part 2 Evening Care.

Evening Care

Filariasis in British Guiana

Filariasis in British Guiana

A man saluting

Fight Syphilis

Women in white nursing uniforms sit in a classroom.

Girls in White

Woman in a striped top, smiling and holding up a booklet about malaria.

Health Education Against Malaria

A man in a military uniform reaching to open the door of a vehicle.

It’s Up to You: Dengue-Yellow Fever Control

A man in a bedroom looks worried.

It Takes Your Breath Away

John Calhoun

John B. Calhoun Film 7.1

A film still of a framed poster that says "Know for Sure-get a blood test for syphilis."

Know for Sure

Let my People Live

Let My People Live

Woman holding a young boy's arm, seated at a desk in a room with several individuals who also seated.

Local Health Problems in War Industry Areas

LSD: Insight or Insanity?

LSD: Insight or Insanity?

Man Alive!

Man Alive!

Title screen for Native Food showing a cartoon soldier behind an eightball

Native Food

Research on Conjoined Twins

Neural and Humoral Factors in the Regulation of Bodily Functions (Research on Conjoined Twins) [Исследования на неразделившихсия близнетсах]

A young man in a hospital bed with breathin tubes.

Nurse-Patient Interaction

Personal Cleanliness

Personal Cleanliness

Woman drew "public enemy" onto coffee grounds on a table

Public Enemy

Reconnaissance for Yellow Fever in the Nuba Mountains, Southern Sudan

Reconnaissance for Yellow Fever in the Nuba Mountains, Southern Sudan



A male physician examining a patient in front of him.

Save a Day

Sources of Air Pollution

Several women in uniform observing a statue in an art gallery.

Strictly Personal

Several men huddled around and trying to assist an injured man laying on the ground.

The Inside Story

The Run Around

Title screen for The Science and Art of Obstetrics by Joseph B. DeLee, M.D. in gothic lettering.

The Science and Art of Obstetrics: Laparotrachelotomy: Low Cervical Cesarean Section

Anatomical illustration showing forceps around the head of a fetus.

The Science and Art of Obstetrics: The Forceps Operation and Episiotomy Repair

A close up of a woman's face in a surgical mask.

The Army Nurse

They Do Come Back

They Do Come Back

A monkey sitting on a branch up in a tree.

The Silent War: Colombia’s Fight Against Yellow Fever

Title text over stars and stripes.

To the People of the United States

A woman in a nursing uniform sits smiling with an old man and a boy.


Use Your Head

Use Your Head

Illustration of character from Winky the Watchman production.

Winky the Watchman

Man seated at desk, holding a telephone up to his ear.

Soldier from the Tropics