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DATE: 1963

LENGTH: 17 min

CATEGORY: Research & Documentation, Sound, Black & White

PRODUCER/PUBLISHER: Filariasis Research and Control Unit, British Guiana, United States Agency for International Development


Filariasis, a parasitic disease, is caused by microscopic (roundworms). Spread from person to person by mosquito bite, the worms can cause elephantiasis and other serious conditions. Filariasis in British Guiana was part of a broad campaign to prevent and treat the disease. It was released in 1963, a time when the United States and Soviet Union were competing for the allegiance of “the Third World.” British Guiana was heading toward independence, and the U.S. government and British colonial administration were undertaking a number of measures aimed at modernization and nation-building. The anti-filariasis campaign was a vital part of such efforts….Read The Essay

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