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DATE: 1936

LENGTH: 35 min [edited from full length of 69 minutes]

CATEGORY: Educational & Instructional, Sound, Black & White, Clinical & Surgical

DIRECTOR: Joseph B. DeLee, M.D.

PRODUCER/PUBLISHER: Joseph B. DeLee, M.D., M. Edward Davis, M.D., Fox Movietone Scientific

Warning: The film contains explicit images of disease or intrusive medical treatment. Viewer discretion advised.


Dr. Joseph Bolivar DeLee, a founder in the late 1890s of the Chicago Lying-In Dispensary (for needy women) as well as the Chicago Lying-In Hospital, the model maternity center of its day, was at times called “the #1 obstetrician, USA.” DeLee also was a serious filmmaker dedicated to the visual explication of his obstetrical techniques. He acquired professional equipment, wrote scripts, improvised sound effects, and deployed as many as a dozen women over a period of hours and days if necessary to complete a movie precisely as he felt it should be. These films were intended to teach, persuade, and fundraise for the next one….Read the Essay

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The Science and Art of Obstetrics: The Forceps Operation and Episiotomy RepairAnatomical Illustration

DATE: 1934
LENGTH: 36 min [edited from full length of 64 minutes]
PRODUCER/PUBLISHER: Chicago Lying-In Hospital
CATEGORY: Educational & Instructional, Clinical & Surgical, Sound, Black & White

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Film Stills from The Science and Art of Obstetrics: Laparotrachelotomy: Low Cervical Cesarean

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Meddlesome Midwifery in Renaissance, by Joseph B. DeLee, ca. 1916

Joseph B. DeLee, A Eulogy” in Mother’s Aid of the Chicago Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary, April, 1942

Preliminary Report of a Case of Caesarean Section, Successful for Mother and Child, by Joseph B. DeLee, 1896
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First page of a reprint with library annotations and stamps.

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