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DATE: 1944

LENGTH: 22 min

CATEGORY: Educational & Instructional, Sound, Black & White

DIRECTOR: Arthur Lubin

PRODUCER/PUBLISHER: Walter Wanger with United States Public Health Service

Warning: The film contains explicit images of disease and intrusive medical treatment. Viewer discretion advised.

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The Public Health Film Goes to War
By Michael Sappol, PhD

Public health and war have long been close companions. In the first terrible round of “modern wars”—the American Civil War, the Franco-Prussian War and World War I—military officials and civilian leaders called on health professionals and volunteers to help mobilize and protect military forces and civilian populations. Health experts in turn viewed these conflicts as a sort of laboratory to test and implement their theories, and an opportunity to use fresh knowledge and nascent technologies. They boarded the bandwagon to advance their professional, scientific, political, and ideological goals—and film was a medium with which to do so.

VD at the Movies: Public Health Service World War II Venereal Disease Films
By John Parascandola, PhD

The United States Public Health Service (PHS) released several education films in the 1930s and 1940s as part of a broader campaign against venereal-disease (VD). The agency had been operating a VD program since World War I, when concern over the number of Army recruits infected led Congress to enact a law that created a Venereal Disease Division in the PHS.

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