Organizations dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and eradication of diseases were also active in medical filmmaking.

The American Society for the Control of Cancer, which evolved into the American Cancer Society, produced several films on the topic, including The Reward of Courage. The National Tuberculosis Association, the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, the Mental Health Film Board, and others released hundreds of titles to educate the public (get immunized) or to market their product (regular visits to the dentist). Films were shown in community centers, classrooms, civic auditoriums, to state and local officials, and in myriad other settings.

American Cancer Society

The NLM holds about 75 titles that the American Cancer Society produced or participated in producing. The films targeted a range of audiences and featured varied approaches, including the occasional use of “antic cartoon humor” as seen in Man Alive.

A doctor looks at a flouroscope image as the patient looks on nervously.

American Dental Association

The NLM holds well over 300 titles transferred from the American Dental Association (ADA). Like NMAC, the ADA produced its own film titles while also acquiring those made by other entities, and circulated all of the titles to schools, community organizations, and other groups concerned with educating the public.

A child sits in a dentist chair with a nurse attending.

National Tuberculosis Association/American Lung Association

The National Tuberculosis Association (NTA), later renamed the American Lung Association (ALA) produced or supported dozens of films to educate the public about symptoms, treatment, and prevention of tuberculosis. There are about 40 films in the NLM catalog and many more unprocessed.