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DATE: 1950

LENGTH: 12 min

CATEGORY: Educational & Instructional, Animation, Sound, Color

DIRECTOR: William T. Hurtz

PRODUCER/PUBLISHER: American Cancer Society and United Productions of America


Since their emergence in the early twentieth century, cancer education campaigns had focused chiefly on recruiting women into programs of early detection and treatment. By the 1940s, the campaigns were developing a focus on men as well. Man Alive! built upon this new appeal to men and added some fresh elements, most notably the film–screening locales. It was shown both in movie theaters as part of the regular schedule and in “non-theatrical” venues, such as factories, clubs, and other locations. Its core themes were similar to earlier films. Man Alive! warned against delay in seeking competent help, against going to “quacks,” and against turning to home remedies. But it added another element: antic cartoon humor that was designed to capture the attention of a larger audience….Read The Essay

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